Product: Anti-Age Matrikine Peptides Serum
“This serum firms eye area fast. I think it the best serum I have ever tried. Half of the wrinkles are gone. Light scent. An amazing product”


Product: Anti-Aging Matrikine Peptides Complex
“I’ve spent many $$ and tried lot of products that don’t worth anything. I so happy there is a product that worth my hard earned bucks. My skin is very dry and it’s not easy to stay attractive during a day at the office. For me that’s important as I have many meeting with our clients and I have to be perfect. I believe other business women would understand my concerns. This cream is the best fit for my skin. I love the texture it creates and my skin looks moisturized for the whole day. I use it twice daily. Definitely would recommend!”


Product: Anti-Age Matrikine Peptides Serum
Another good product from Kotolena. I use it together with Matrkikine cream. My skin looks perfect. Yes, I would recommend this serum.”


Product: Anti-Aging Matrikine Peptides Complex
“The Kotolena Anti-age cream is perfect for my skin. It’s non greasy. It really moisturizes my skin without feeling heavy! I really enjoy how my skin feels after it. I feel so lucky to be able to use this amazing product that cares about how we feel and doesn’t get greedy on putting enough ingredient in it! Thanks”


Product: Kotolena System
“I am 54, and though I not considering plastic surgery on my face, I still believe that we have to take care of our look. There are no products on the market even close to Dr.Helen’s. They are the ones that actually do exactly what they claim to do, and I have tried a lot. I am most concerned, these days, with firming and this system does it.”


Product: Anti-Age Matrikine Peptides Serum
I wasted so much on useless $$ products. This serum I use every morning before my makeup. It’s great. I can see a glow of radiance on my skin. It softens my wrinkles. My absolutely favourite product right now!”


Product: Anti-Aging Matrikine Peptides Complex
“I got normal skin. Although I still can feel my skin moisturized after this cream. It’s really great product, especially when you start looking at it as a natural based products. I’m surprized with it’s efficacy. I always thought that natural products are those that smell bad and feel bad. Good job, Docs”


Product: Kotolena System
“I am a 46 and I use this system every day. They absorb quickly to make me feel clean and refreshed. I stopped for a while to see if there could be a difference. I saw after that how much drier my skin was without them. I use the serum first it and then put the cream on top. Really, the combination is the best I’ve tried.”


Product: Anti-Aging Matrikine Peptides Complex
“I use this in the mornings and evenings. For mornings I focus on the jawline, chin, neck. At night – face and neck. It works if you are consistent. I believe it is better than many popular and more expensive products. I have tried other moisturizers and always return to this.”


Product: Kotolena System
“A must have products! Far more superior than other expensive brands like Lamer and others… The list of ingredients is absolutely nothing to compare with those overpriced products from “chemical factories”. My thumbs up!”


What people are saying about us?

“Before I tried Kotolena I was pretty jaded. I’ve tried just about every product in the market and none ever lived up to the hype! I was pleasantly surprised that Kotolena far exceeded my expectations! It feels so great on the skin I even got my husband to use it! After 5 years failed attempts to the find the product for me, I’ve finally found my match. Thanks Kotolena for helping me feel beautiful again!”*

Ira B.

“I was a bit skeptical before I ordered my first batch of Kotolena, but I am so glad I did !!! My skin has never looked this hydrated or felt so healthy!!! I’ve been getting compliments from my co-workers everyday!!! I would definitely recommend these products. If they work half as well on you as they did on me they are worth a shot!”*


“I’m so happy I found Kotolena! I have very sensitive skin and most products I’ve tried make my blemishes even worse! Kotolena works so well that I’m surprised they creators could keep the formulation so gentle. I’ll never need to try another product :)”*


“I feel like I’ve been waiting for these products my whole life! Whenever winter used to come, my skin would dry up like a raisin! This year, Kotolena kept it hydrated and nourished. Take it from someone who’s tried some of the most expensive products out there, Kotolena works!”*

Luda F.

*results may vary from person to person

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